Half-Day pregnancy retreat at Riverhearts May the 5th 2019.

There is so much undiscovered potential when a woman carries a child in her womb. It is a time when her intuition, her creativity, hope, love, strenght and vulnerability combine, all at the same time. Pregnancy can unfold a very transformative and enriching opportunity, if we choose so, and there are many ways to experience it. Our aim here is to create a safe, sacred, joyful and holistic space so each woman can find her voice and connect with her deep needs, so each baby can feel her momma connected to her heart wishes, in balance with her mind, body and emotions. Such a rare and wonderful chance to gather amongst like-minded people, an opportunity to create your tribe, to explore your inner world while pregnant, learn useful information about birth choices, practice yoga and relaxation techniques, insightful dynamics, creative writing, expressing yourself through art, exploring birth memories and imprints; what babies truly need from us and much more. We women are agents for a major social transformation. It is a good time to start now more than ever! The idea is to gather at least once a month at Riverhearts Retreat, a beautiful location managed by amazing and truly inspiring people. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Samm short & Lourdes Lorente

#gentlebirth #Doula #selfcare #birthchoices #happypregnancy #connectwithyourbaby #HalfDayretreat

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