Two months ago I became a grandma. My lovely cat Ewen gave birth to her 7 kittens. Yes, you are reading well, seven!

And what do you think was the place that she chose to welcome her babies? Of course, on top of her Human mama.

I was just waking up from a deep meditation after a wonderful vaginal steaming session at home (highly benefitial for us, dear women). A beautiful harmonic music was playing, a subtle feminine energy was floating in the air, peace was all you could breathe in the room.

It was when I felt Ewen climbing on top of me. I could observe something different when I looked into her eyes. It was a very deep look into the infinite. Her breathing was changing. She opened her mouth to breath (not sure if cats instinctively know how connected the jaw and the pelvis are).

It felt so honored that she wanted to share her birth with me, considering we live in the middle of nature and she could have chosen many nice spots to give birth and feel safe.

I was trying to give her some space just when I started feeling a very warm liquid leaking on my leg. She was very concentrated, making some very subtle sounds while her body was asking her to push.

We, female mammals, are designed by nature to give birth on our own. However she was rubbing against me purring all the way from the beginning until the end of each surge.

Oh my! What amazing lessons my cat taught me when the first contractions started! Through each wave of intensity her breathing adapted to the new rhythm. I could observe how those waves were travelling all through her body, like the waves of the sea.

Two contractions and a new kitten was born. Then, the placenta coming (very particular those of cats by the way). She ate all the placentas and welcomed her babies licking each one twice.

I was totally fascinated by her natural ability to live in the present moment. She was accepting what was happening to her and her body. How I wish we all women could experience at least a couple of hours of this bliss at our births.

I visualized myself giving birth to my own children hoping to remember those beautiful moments with Ewen when my time gets closer (not so long now, 38 weeks pregnant while I’m translating this text into English).

Nature’s design in action, mammal instincts, neocortex reduced to zero. How awesome!

#Nature #naturalbirth #English

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