Welcoming babies the way they deserve

Some months ago, a gorgeous new-born gave me one of the most precious moments that I’ve had as a Doula.

Funnily enough, and don’t believe in coincidences, his name means “blessing” translated from the Arabic.

He was ready to come a few weeks earlier than his mama and we all expected. So I arrived 15 minutes later than he was born via cesarean birth in the hospital. As I couldn’t see the mother who was recovering from the anaestethics, I quickly asked the gynecologist if I could accompany the baby until he was again reunited with his mum.

I still have a vivid memory of his profound and innocent look, his gentle and slow movements, his dark hair, the rhythm of his breathing.

Luckily he could receive some kisses from his mother. His father was on the way, so when I arrived this baby was alone in an incubator with a not so present nurse.

My instinct and the little knowledge I gathered during these five years as a Doula and Rebirthing professional drove me to introduce myself, explain him who I was; I welcomed him and gave him thanks for being here. I told him where his mother was, what was going on, where were his dad and grandmother, while I was gently touching that delicate soft skin, holding his hand at the same time.

The importance of touch, loving caresses and the smell of the mother are vital for the development of a baby.

During the first hours of the life a baby there are many of neurological connections that will build up instinctive and emotional mechanisms of survival which are fundamental for a healthy and balanced development of a baby. That’s why as adults (family) and birthkeepers we need to demand respect so that mother, father and baby can benefit from these golden hours in every birth (except when the mother and/or baby lives at under a high risk factor). The place of a baby is next to his mother.

Unfortunately we still have to fight today against out-of-date hospital protocols which do not follow what the evidence based studies are showing.

In my opinion and many other professionals, the importance of skin-to-skin contact during the first hours, weeks or months of a baby’s life should be present, especially when the mother and baby have experience a difficult and traumatic birth (much more common than people think).

I keep many good memories during my training as a Conscious Breathing professional where me and my colleagues had the most amazing Rebirthing experiences. Definitely it is something I recommend at least once in a lifetime.

Once, I was breathing with two colleagues who were “symbolically” representing my parents. What it was meaningful to me was to hear the voice of my father for the first time (while my mother was holding me in her arms). That voice said to me “Welcome my child, you are such a gift for this family”. Those words woke out of the “trance” and made me open the eyes to look to my father’s and mother’s eyes with the deepest joy and Love.

How important it is to be accepted as we are! Just like that, without having to prove anything, just receiving our parents love and tenderness unconditionally.

I take a deep breath. I just dream that all the babies that are coming into this world will be welcome as they deserve. As I also wish that every parent who receives their babies will have the unconditional support from their love ones and care providers so they can fully relax and give it back to their babies.

This way we will create concentric circles of love where nobody is above or below anyone and we will all feel honored to harmonize and make the arrival of the next generations more beautiful and loving to this planet.

Next generations need our help.

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