How are we planting the Human seed?

Since the moment I’ve heard these words for the very first time, in September 2016, there has not been a day I haven’t thought about the magnanimity of what this question implies.

Those words came from Ramiro Romero, a tradicional Colombian midwive, from the Muisqa people, at the Healthy Birth Healthy Earth conference at Findhorn, Scotland. He holds in his heart the message from his elders and grandmothers.

Meeting Ramiro and other traditional midwives was like a balm for my soul. The knowledge, wisdom and connection to the Earth that these people and professionals radiate is, no doubt, a powerful message that any Human that lives on the planet should listen to.

Some days ago, I was feeling some emotions that I could not name or point any direction to. Then I wonder, what is it that you need right now? The answer came very quickly. “You need to plant seeds”. Not questioning this voice, I went to our seeds storage and I chose some seasonal seeds that I wanted to plant. I asked them permission, offer them to the Father Sun, I wet the soil and chose the pots. Once the seeds were planted, I thanked them.

Well, this simple and sacred act took me back to the original question. How are we planting the Human seed? So to say, how are we pre-conceiving, conceiving, gestating, birthing and welcoming the babies that are coming to our lives?

From which emotional place are we conceiving? What is the energy that envelops? Is it peaceful, joyful, stressful, doubtful or fearful? With which foods are we nurturing the future fruit? Artificial fertilizers (refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, excess of carbo-hydrates and proteins? or are we using organic and natural ones?

If I ask myself these questions, I feel how disconnected I was from myself, my emotions, the ancient knowledge of how my body works and what it needs.

Nowadays we have the Internet, Youtube and all these advances; however, that makes us entertained with information from the outside world (which I’m not saying isn’t useful) and makes us forget the quality of information that is within our bodies.

To the men out there who provide us the seed of life…how is your semen? Is there too much stress, disconnection, lack of love and laughter? What about alcohol, smoke and drugs?

Everthing, absolutely everything, has an impact on the fruit. This is what Epigenetics and Embriology are showing us.

Imagine planting a tree where the soil has many heavy metals, where the water is polluted (translated into the Human body as an excess of artificial drinks and refreshments, alcohol…). Think of a tree that gets lots of water all of a sudden and no water in weeks or months (stress), where there are noises and vibrations that are not harmonious.

What is really fascinating about Nature is that that tree will eventually give fruits, but it will also be more likely to suffer from possible illnesses and pests.

It is not only food, water and nutrients what matter, but also the emotions with we conceive and gestate a baby. The hidden and painful non-expressed emotions are the ones that are important not to silence, whether these are coming from the father or the mother. Therefore, talking to a baby from the beginning and/or finding ways to express the cocktails of emotions that may appear is very important for the well-being of all the family.

We already know through some studies that plants grow better and healthier if there is harmonious music and the love from their caregivers around them. Why do we then think that these mechanisms and understanding abilities (non logical ones yet) of a baby are not there until they are able to think by themselves?

Babies perceive, feel, and react to the stimuli they are receiving from the mother, the father and the outside world. And that is what shapes them too.

That’s why I believe it is important to be aware about this, without guilt or regret, just taking the amount of responsability we can deal with at those given moments as grown-ups we are.

Healing comes from within. How have been pre-conceived, conceived, born and welcomed have an impact in our lives forever. Now, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing we can do about it. There are so many different ways and approaches to find out more about how the subconscious mind and emotions influence us.

At the end of the day, it is all about offering the next generations a gift for all their life, right?

What’s your commitment with yourself?

How are you planting your Human seeds?

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