Services and packages


These are the services and options I can offer you according to your ideas and needs: 

Pregnancy support&Birth preparation: 


Generally, there are so many choices to make in life but it may triple when you find out you are pregnant.

Every woman will have different needs and fears that she needs support with.


Here is what as a doula I could offer:


  • Reassurance and positive support

  • Someone who listen to your needs and longings

  • Someone you connect and feel safe with during pregnancy and when birth gets closer


If we connect we will meet 3 sessions of 2 hours aproximately where we could explore:


  • Pregnancy and birth options – preparing your birth plan

  • Navigating the Spanish health system

  • Translating your birth plan from English to Spanish

  • Creating a loving and connected birth team

  • Talk about the postnatal period, what happens when the baby is born and ways to build up an efficient and loving support network

  • Dynamics for connection time between the couple

  • Show your birth companion useful tools to support you during labour and birth

  • Tips and techniques to reduce anxiety, fears and preparing to embrace the coming changes from a positive place

  • Offer you some good evidence-based resources where you can make your own research

  • Wellbeing and traditional remedies to make you feel like a goddess


After your baby is born:

Postnatal support:

Your baby has just arrived and there is joy and love and also logistics that may need to get addressed in case you don’t have a tribe or family around.

Every woman deserves full attention and care at this period, it is when motherhood gets real. 

It is so important to make sure she has enough space to be hours observing her newborn and adjusting to this new person, get enough sleep, be fed with good food and sensitive words and embrace all the physical and emotional challenges and joy motherhood brings.


As your postnatal doula, I will visit you at your home and promote a good recovery from the birth by being a encourager helper and carer, no matter if it is your first or second child.


 I can:


  • Bring you and your family food and meals ocassionally

  • Do some shopping so you don’t have to leave the house

  • Clear up, do some laundry and undertake light house work

  • Be a good listener

  • Help you recognise and address your baby’s needs

  • Offer traditional postnatal services that will bring you a feeling of wellbeing.


The postnatal package last 5 weeks, that can be divided as follows:


Week 1&2 – 3 visits

Week 3& 4 – 2 visits

Week 5 – 1 visit


If you think you don’t need as many visits contact me and we can discuss a plan that can work for you.


Labour& birth support:


In the last weeks of pregnancy, when birth is getting closer some women might feel some fears and subconscious thoughts may pop up no matter who much you have research and how much you have prepare for this time. That’s when we might feel we need somebody closer to reassure us, to exactly understand what you are going through.


Generally, we will meet 3 times prior birth including the first interview to get to know each other a bit better. Ideally we will hang out more in the last weeks.


When birth begins, I come along when you feel you need me to. That may include:

  • Supporting you with some family logistics

  • Be your voice if under especial circumstances you and your partner need me to

  • Protect your space and intimacy

  • Massages

  • Helping you to trust in the process and keep the oxitocyne in the room

  • Providing emotional support to you and your partner when necessary.


At times I’ll be there to be your rock or friend to remind you how powerful you are no matter the what the outcome might be.


I’ll be there as long as your baby is welcomed earthside and will stay with you one or two hours after birth to support you in the immediate after birth logisitcs.


This package includes:


  • Being on call 24/7 from week 38 until week 42, meaning I will put my life on hold just for you

  • Staying no more than ninety minutes from your home or hospital (depending where you life)

  • Multiple texts, emails and phone calls


Postnatally, I offer 1 session of sixty minutes aproximately to check:

  • How are you doing emotionally

  • Help you address some common challenges

  • Solve questions,

  • Check how the breastfeeding is going

  • Hear your birth story when/if you are ready to share it. 

If you would like to go deeper:

Breath work - Rebirthing sessions

Pregnancy, birth and the postnatal perior can trigger many emotions for many as it is also part of the big transformation. Sometimes it can be intense and overwhelming and when we look outside for help you might not find a holistic approach that is gentle, effective and liberating.


In our limbic brain we have so many emotional memories and imprints that can sometimes pop up as we breathe during the session coming from our time in the womb, birth, early childhood or traumatic event.


Breath work is very versatile, we can do at the comfort of your home, in nature, in a pool or bath tub, laying down, seated or dancing. Each session is unique and I don’t follow a script or guideline as the energy may present itself as it needs to. Sessions are two hours long and it includes breathing, a bit of talking and other dynamics.


This is for you if:


  • You feel like going deeper in your motherhood or fatherhood journey

  • You are feeling intense emotions and would like to discover a new tool to integrate in your life

  • Connect with your baby from another perspective

  • You feel generally overwhelmed and need some clarity

  • You want to find some peace in the relationship with your mother and father and/or parner

  • You feel like treating your mind, your heart and body at the same time and see them work in team to bring a much more meaningful reality

  • You miss feeling some expansion in your chest

Guided meditation &visualizations

These are simple and yet powerful tools to tune within and find the relaxation we may need to explore womanhood and motherhood from a much more loving space in connection with your baby as well.

Mediation can help you to:


  • Relax your body and mind

  • Bring a feeling of tranquility and inner peace

  • Find some clarity

  • Discover some parts of yourself

  • Connect and dedicate time to focus just on yourself and your baby in the womb

  • Make you explore motherhood from a different angle


This service is available for individual sessions, for couples and group sessions and last for an hour.