The way we are conceived, gestated, born and welcomed into this world have a profound impact on our lives. Taking the time and space to bring nourishment into this journey with consciousness, information and presence can make such a difference.
I'm Lourdes Lorente and I've been living in Malaga province for 9 years. One of my passions is to nurture and accompany women and their families during pregnancy, birth and the post natal period as a Doula.
I hold space and I find joy supporting the inner and outer changes that life unfolds during this transformational, making sure your needs are listenned  and respected; embarking on this journey feeling valued, in charge, well looked after, empowered and confident with the choices you make for you and your family.
I'm here to offer you my experience caring for women for over seven years. I'm here to provide confidence, useful tools and a safe espace free from judgment to remind you what you already know: that your decisions matter and you deserve to be supported through this hugely intimate and transformational life event.
Walking this path with the right support can bring so much tranquility, well-being and clarity in the decision making process.
" During the birth of our little girl, Lourdes was a great support – having her peaceful, friendly presence there enabled me to relax and flow with the process, and her healing hands were a life saver for my back – Lourdes has a real gift for healing through her hands, something I cannot thank her for enough!" (Samantha Short)