Laura and Matteo's experience:

"It's been one year and 3 months since Lourdes accompanied me in what has so far been the most incredible experience of my life, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Actually Lourdes presence was throughout my pregnancy, home birth and postpartum. 

It is hard to summarize what she meant to me because she acted as a sister, mother, best friend and extremely professional knowledgeable Doula. So I will very simply say that she managed to empower me every single time, make me feel at ease as soon as she entered the room I was in or answered the phone or replied to my text messages ( she has never missed on being there for me 24/7... as a family member would do!) throughout my whole journey.  She transfers love and reminds you of what an incredible act of love giving birth is.... I will never forget her 'touch ' during my entire labor. Hers were my favorite pair of hands, more than my husbands or the midwives..., she just had the capacity to sooth me and transfer a calming peaceful energy and confidence.

During my last pushes, after many hours of labor, I looked at her for strength and asked her to tell me something and I will never forget her sacred words at that precious final moment :" You were meant to do this since you were born.. ask your son to be gentle..gently he will come out", and so I did and I reconnected and spoke to my baby and gently he came to this world. 


I wholeheartedly would desire for any woman and couple to have the gift of being accompanied by Lourdes during this magical transformational and profound moment in life.  She can add so much to the journey and help you live each step consciously and serenely. 


As I write this I am expecting to deliver my second baby anytime soon. I am in another country followed by another doula but if I could have Lourdes by my side again I would not hesitate one second as she is home to my husband and I, and an incredible Doula".

Samantha and Mike's experience:

" We were lucky enough to be introduced to Lourdes almost as soon as we discovered we were pregnant. From the first moment I met her, I was struck by her incredible sense of peace, warmth and friendliness. She inspired trust immediately. When I cried in that first meeting while talking about how overwhelmed I felt to be pregnant, she didn’t panic or offer unnecessary sympathy, but just smiled and held my hand reassuringly, telling me she welcomed my tears and that they were beautiful and natural. I felt able to be totally open and honest, and that is something that I believe contributed directly to my happy, healthy pregnancy, and the peaceful uncomplicated home birth that followed it.

Lourdes was always highly supportive of my partner too, and included him in everything – she was beautifully clear that she was here to support us as a couple, as well as individually, and that was perfect for us – it was a relief for me to see my partner so relaxed and reassured, and the partner work we did with Lourdes (a guided meditation to meet our baby) was just beautiful.

We also did a rebirthing session, which was an amazing experience – I was able to witness the physical sensations that I experienced as being separate from me, something which was really useful in labour. And it helped me to connect with our baby, to empathise about what birth might be like for her, too. In the rebirth I was supported both physically and emotionally by Lourdes and my partner, and I came away from it with total confidence in my birthing team – I could relax knowing they would hold space for me and be completely present on the big day – something which again facilitated our very peaceful and straight forward birth a few month later.

As well as being a very supportive and wise spiritual guide, Lourdes has a huge amount of practical knowledge on all aspects of pregnancy and birth, and even put us in touch with an amazing team of independent midwives who became another key part of our pregnancy and birth team. Whenever we had a question about the numerous decisions we faced, Lourdes would research it and send us information to help us navigate our way through. She was always open to whatever our thoughts or decisions were and never tried to impose her opinions on us – a huge relief after some of the Doctors we had come into contact with! In fact she was an absolute blessing, and along with our wonderful midwives was the main source for keeping my partner and I happy and positive as we struggled with the mainstream medical system on the occasions we had to come into contact with it.

During the birth of our little girl, Lourdes was a great support – having her peaceful, friendly presence there enabled me to relax and flow with the process, and her healing hands were a life saver for my back – Lourdes has a real gift for healing through her hands, something I cannot thank her for enough!

We are incredibly blessed to have Lourdes in our lives, and consider her a very special Aunt for our little girl. I cannot recommend her highly enough – she made our pregnancy and birth the happy, mystic, wondrous, and magical experience that it was, and without a doubt kept me and my little girl safe through it all.

What Lourdes offers to pregnant women and their partners and children is absolutely priceless, and I believe working with her and our midwives was the most important and valuable investment we could have made into our little girl’s wellbeing".

Tiara's words:

"I am very happy that I have met Lourdes! She has a great aura. She gave me so much positive energy while I was pregnant and during the labour and the delivery. We always practiced the breathing technique together and she was there for me emotionally as well. She is a great Doula and I am lucky that I gained her  as a new friend now".

Farah's testimonial (translated from Spanish):

"I was lucky enough to have you as my doula. It was such an honor as it was of the most especial and beautiful experiences of my life.
Thank you for that complicity, for your support, talks, for your time and sweetness but, above all, thanks for all your Love. You will always be in my heart. I really wish that many women could share all this with you. You are amazing".


If you would like to receive further information about pregnancy, birth and postnatal  packages please, do not hesitate to contact me. It would be a pleasure to be alongside you during this magical and powerful time of your lives.