More about me

I´m a constant seeker of new experiences and knowledge that lead me to understand what life is all about and how can I make it more harmonious and fair to people and all the species that live on this planet. I find peace and meaning supporting and caring for women and the next generations to come. 

Lourdes Lorente

Lourdes Lorente Vázquez is a self-motivated and curious woman full of contrasts. She feels alive when meeting people from different places and cultures, where she learns from other perspectives and ways of experiencing life. She loves enjoying a good meal, trying new food and tasting a good glass of red wine. She feels most comfortable when listening and inspiring other people especially when big transformation life events arise in their lives, guiding them to find their own space for connection and inner peace. She is the mother of Naia, her daughter, born at home in 2018. She lives in the Sierra de las Nieves Mountain range (Malaga province) surrounded by nature where life can be still enjoyed at a slow pace.

Her call to become a doula came during a breakup. It was then when she realised that she wasn’t doing anything useful with her life, she was just surviving from job to job, instead of using her skills doing something meaningful, not just for herself but for others. She then followed her gut and the strong calling she felt to care for women, children and life itself. In 2013, she moved to Barcelona to attend a 9 months doula training course with the aim to study and understand the immense dimension that is to conceive, experience pregnancy and childbirth and raise the next generations from a totally new approach. It was the beginning of a never-ending decolonization of social and cultural beliefs  and values on a personal and professional level.

During that year, she observed the lack of space, care and support that women go through in one of the most life changing events in a woman’s life. She witnessed the violence and mistreatment towards women and babies, both visible and invisible. Instinctively, she then began to connect the dots between the lack of connection and bonding in Human relationships and the way people give birth and are been born. What would be the long term consequences of these life events in the coming future?

An inner revolution passionately seeded in her. Since then, Lourdes has continued to discover and study new ways which go back to the roots of when Humans disconnected their feelings, bodies and Spirit with the strong intention to build bridges and provide different approaches and perspectives that complete the motherhood and fatherhood journey, so that women and their families find their unique formula to transition the intensity of these transformational and beautiful times.


These days she dedicates a good part of her life as a doula supporting woman during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. Since 2018, she has been collaborating and coordinating European events for Mujeres Bachué, a Columbian foundation commited to empowering and caring for women and their rights, retrieving as well the profound knowledge and wisdom that traditional indigenous midwifery, from the Muisca people, offer in the humanization of childbirth; combining the language of science with the ancestral wisdom in modern times.


Like many others, she believes that it is in the combination and exchange of experiences and knowledge that we can grow together.


In the Western World we tend to think about things in the short-term life without observing that the decisions we make, our behaviour and actions have a long term impact in the body and the emotions of the world around us.


Lourdes is fascinated by traditional indigenous people and their wisdom, their practicality and efficiency, their degree of connection with life, the Earth, their views about spirituality and how integrated their knowlege is within their body and the daily routine.


Each year she continues travelling, attending courses and finding nourishment in new and old ways that can be integrated in her doula bag. She finds her motivation in holding space and providing a safe place so each woman may feel certain, confident and informed about the choices there are out there and make this journey as positive and powerful as it can be, not only for women, but for the whole family.


She is now getting ready for her first trip to Columbia in January 2020, where she will be working on the next projects Mujeres Bachué will soon offer in Europe.